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Application Requirements

Looking for male and female taxi crew part-time trainees!


A chance to earn even inexperienced people with a thorough support system!

50% rent is paid for 3 months on board! (According to company regulations)

We have introduced "all car navigation systems" and "automatic daily report management system" so that even inexperienced people can work with peace of mind.

Employment status

Contract employee / associate employee

Work location

Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Shimotsukiguma222-1

Qualification requirements

Beginners welcome!

・ Age does not matter ・ Experience does not matter ・ Educational background does not matter

・ Those who have obtained an ordinary driver's license for 3 years or more (class 2 license holders are a plus)

Preferential treatment

・ Those who can flexibly perform their duties without being bound by customs

・ Persons who can be on board with a spirit of hospitality (preferential treatment for those who have experience in customer service)

Working hours

Lunch shift (24th) 7: 30-16: 00

Night shift (24th) 17:00 to 1:30 the next day

Work every other day (12 crew) 7:30 to 0:45 the next day

* We will adjust the working conditions according to your request.


We will adjust the working conditions according to your request.


Depends on transportation income (our regulations)

200,000-300,000 yen possible

● Trainee (daily allowance 6000 yen) * 50% rent is paid for 3 months on board

Income example) 45-year-old man / 2 months after joining the company / Monthly income of 500,000 yen with no industry experience


Bonuses Twice a year, uniform rental, complete with social insurance (work accident, health, welfare, employment insurance)

Type 2 license acquisition cost fully paid by the company, dormitory available (equipped with air conditioning)

Job application form

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