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Smooth travel on the road,
Of the heart that connects with the community
Become a "bridge"

About Meisei Taxi

Smooth movement on the road and connect with the community

Our goal is to be a “bridge”.

Would you like to take a taxi or commuter to meet your family, friends and partners in a wonderful landscape you haven't met yet?

It can be used as a means of transportation to avoid the use of public transportation and as a means of avoiding congestion. You can move straight from the airport, avoiding contact with anyone other than the driver.

As a vehicle dispatch platform, the app matches “I want to take a taxi” and “I want to take a taxi”.

Looking for crew

So that even inexperienced people can work with peace of mind

"All car navigation system" "Automatic daily report management system"

Has been introduced.


Why Meisei Taxi is Easy to Work

With Meisei Taxi, you can earn a stable income while living a comfortable and free life.


Harmony of life and work,

You can work comfortably at your own pace

Harmony of life and work,

You can work comfortably at your own pace

We will adjust the working conditions according to your request.



In the Meisei taxi,

You can get a stable income.

Even if you are inexperienced, you have a track record of playing an active role in the top class shortly after joining the company.



For Meisei Taxi

It is safe even if you are inexperienced.

Corona career change support! We are in an environment where even inexperienced people can earn money with a thorough support system.


Taxi driver's day

Driver's daily flow in Meisei taxi (model)

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Interview with senior employees

Senior employees who decided to change jobs based on ease of work.

Introducing the real voices of friends who work at Meisei Taxi.

It has been 10 years since I joined the company, and the atmosphere of the company is good and it is a comfortable working environment without any troubles. Be well, or Listen to me a desire, I like to make my own time because flexibility and or can be changed without difficulty shift is effective against well-ventilated.

Crew: Mr. T

Taking advantage of the corona wreck, Ichallenged while having no experience.At first, I was worried, but thanks to the support system in place, Iwas able to get used to work in about two months. We value hospitality every day to make our customers happy.

Crew: Mr. N

customer's voice

We carry out voluntary satisfaction surveys for customers who use taxis to help improve their services. We would like to introduce the real voices of such customers.

Thank you very much. The taxi driver was kind and answered the request. Thank you for sharing information about Fukuoka. It was a fun day.

Mr. T

I use it on a rainy day.
I am grateful for the caring and gentle driving.

Mr. M

I had a lot of luggage and had a hard time with two women, but the driver was very kind and I am grateful for the warm response when I stopped at the convenience store on the way and when getting on and off.

Mr. K

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